CNP-Togo. Continuous development of the team and complementary competencies

CNP-Togo. Continuous development of the team and complementary competencies

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

The employers’ organisations of Togo, CNP-Togo, is working on continuous improvement of the team performance and of individual competence development of the team members. Last April, DECP conducted a teambuilding session in which the various aspects of the strategy and activities of the employers’ organisations were discussed. More in particular, the contribution of each individual staff member to the team performance was analysed. This resulted in an overview of the complementarity of competencies -e.g. knowledge, skills and attitude- which together stand for the power of the team. But the exercises revealed as well that active continues development is needed to achieve common objectives.

That is why a second series of workshops was organised at 2 and 3 October in which individual employees could reflect on their functions, tasks and competencies. Feedback of colleagues completed the picture. Five representatives of associate members of CNP-Togo participated as well. They were invited to express which competence development needs and desires they had in mind related to strengthening the employers’ organisation. This resulted in a complete overview which allows the (HR) management to define a strategic competence development plan for 2020.

The management of DECP will visit CNP-Togo again in November to discuss how such a plan can be supported by DECP in order to contribute to the strengthening the qualities of the staff.


                                    Four teams were created to really go into depth