DECP experts on the move

DECP experts on the move

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

Although the pandemic doesn't seem to have any intention of disappearing, experts from DECP and like-minded organisations such as NHO (Norway), NIR (Sweden) and DI (Denmark) have taken the step to travel again and meet their partners on site. At the end of November, one of the DECP experts left for a mission to Peru and Bolivia. Another colleague currently stays in Malawi. However, what the future will look like, some changes will remain. Like participating in training courses online. Most experts agree that hybrid collaboration is the key to the most effective form of collaboration.

CGECI, the employers’ organisation of Ivory Coast, has developed a wide range of workshops and courses. Over the past three months, managers and employees of several dozen companies have participated. The quality of the trainers is highly valued by the participants, as are the subjects chosen. It goes without saying that the expansion of this service is a powerful asset for retaining members and recruiting new members.

CGECI is working closely together with DECP in order to develop and complete their training services. The DECP country manager, Jos van Erp, would therefore like nothing more than to get on a plane and actively contribute to the implementation in Abidjan. And hopefully that will also be a reality in the short term. But the pandemic has not stopped both partners from working closely together and implementing the planned program. Even with a distance of 7000 kilometres separating them, the DECP expert is given the opportunity to attend openings and evaluations. And if possible, take an active part.


Bienvenue à toutes et à tous

Yes, this kind of cooperation requires some extra activities and control of the programme manager of CGECI, Mr. ZANA KONE and of the DECP expert. But with the means of communication at their disposal, they succeed in doing so. Now, forced by the pandemic, but also later when it is also possible to meet in the classroom again.