DECP & ITC-ILO   Building stronger EBMOs together

DECP & ITC-ILO Building stronger EBMOs together

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

The new DECP director Mr. Peter Bongaerts and special advisor Jos van Erp paid a visit to the ITC-ILO in Turin on January 16th. The main purpose of this visit was to evaluate the long-standing cooperation between the two organisations and to discuss how to benefit of each other’s knowledge and experience during the coming years.

The DECP guests where hosted by Mr. Jorge Illingworth -Programme Manager Employers’ Activities of the ILO International Training Centre- and his staff. ITC-ILO offers a wide range of high impact training courses which are aligned with the needs of employers’ organisations.

A professional team of multilingual specialists develops and carries out these training courses both at the well-equipped campus in Turin as on-site. One of the recent developments is an approach of blended learning which allows participants to follow in-depth training on-line before completing the training in a face-to-face classroom situation. 

Apart from offering staff members of partner organisations the opportunity to participate in training courses, it is important for DECP to integrate stand-alone training courses as building blocks in more complex development processes in order to achieve sustainable reinforcement for employers’ organisations .

The main issues ITC-ILO covers, like capacity building, service development, influencing political decision making, social dialogue and skills development match perfectly with DECP’s focus issues. The fact that DECP has country managers and experts dedicated to regions and countries means they can easily follow-up the Action Plans with the participants after the training courses. This  leads to complementarity between both organisations and more benefits for the participants. For the near future, rough outlines on co-creation, innovation and integration  have been agreed upon which will be worked out in detail and put into practice this year.

Both parties concluded that this update visit was very successful and that -in the end- the employers’ organisations in emerging countries will benefit even more from this unique cooperation.