Designing the outlines of a new future

Designing the outlines of a new future

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

A two day mission was undertaken by the DECP to the Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) in Phnom Penh. The main objective of the mission was to establish the current situation within CAMFEBA bearing in mind it currently does not have a General Manager in place.

Several issues have been discussed which are crucial for sustainable growth of CAMFEBA. Appointing a new General Manager who can give direction to this ambition is a major issue.

Another challenge facing the organisation was the delivery of training to its members. Although some training had been provided it was felt that this could be increased significantly given the right direction.

CAMFEBA had produced, with DECP support, its own Membership Pack which set out in detail the services offered. It was agreed that this would be sent out to current CAMFEBA members and potential members.

The DECP concluded its mission by setting out some clear objectives for CAMFEBA to address in order for further support from the DECP to be forthcoming.