ECOP, How are you doing? ECOP, How are you doing?

ECOP, How are you doing?

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 A two day advisory mission was undertaken to the Employers’ Confederation of Employers of the Philippines (ECOP) by the DECP country manager Andrew        Moore.

The main objectives of the mission included receiving an update on the current developments within ECOP and its work on enhancing its regional network through its Chapters. The key action points for this work had been agreed at a meeting of the members involved in the Chapters at a workshop in manila in February 2017.The development of an ECOP Membership Pack was nearing completion and will be ready for the membership by the end of October. This pack is seen by ECOP as a key tool in its membership recruitment and retention.

ECOP currently holds the Chairmanship of the ASEAN Employers Confederation which brings together the Employers Organisations from across the ASEAN region. ECOP has indicated that during its two year Chairmanship it wants to make ACE a more effective organisation. Discussions took place on the DECP supporting a workshop on Skills to be held in Bangkok later in the year.