ECOP secretariat undergoes training on communication and effective use of social media

ECOP secretariat undergoes training on communication and effective use of social media

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ECOP reports: 


Last 13-14 November 2019, the ECOP Secretariat attended a Social Media and Communication Training at Holiday Inn and Suites, Makati City. The two-day workshop was a course recently developed and hosted by the Dutch Employers’ Cooperation Programme (DECP) to help employer organizations like ECOP become more proficient in using social media as a means of communication.

Facilitated by Erik Heidemann and Jannes Van der Velde, both of the DECP), the training helped the Secretariat develop a more well-versed understanding of different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others. It highlighted the differences of each platform, how these differences should be taken into consideration and properly utilized, and how they can each be advantageous to ECOP when it comes to reaching more diverse sets of audiences.

The workshop also took into consideration the Filipino context. Mr. Heidemann and Mr. Van der Velde showed statistics from the Netherlands, but as usage of social media is unique to each country and its culture, the Secretariat provided input as to the social networking habits of the Philippines. This assisted in forming a more accurate picture of what strategies are needed by ECOP to better engage with both its constituents and the general public.

In addition to this, the training included a wide array of activities that included writing practices, presentations, and analyzations. These exercises helped the Secretariat in forming more concise and clear-cut articles for posting, as well as discern the many different factors that affect a social media post and what things to consider before putting them up. In turn, these will make ECOP more proficient and efficient in reaching out to those that matter to the organization. Communication with ECOP will now become easier, in the same way that communication will now be easier for ECOP.

Source: ECOP INFONOTES Volume 4, Issue No. 12, November 2019