ECOPlus. Amplifying your voice

ECOPlus. Amplifying your voice

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It is well known that DECP attaches great importance to increasing the visibility of employers' organisations. By showing merit, existing members will be motivated to remain members and other companies will develop an interest in joining a strong organisation that is committed to their interests. ECOP, the employers’ organisation of the Philippines, made use of support from DECP and directed an impressive presentation that has been published on YouTube, among others.

The programme is introduced by Mr. Jose Roland Moya, Director General of ECOP. Together with several members of his professional staff he highlights some merits of the organisation of which private sector organisations benefit. By giving the floor to some members of the board – including the Chairman of ECOP Edgardo G. Lacson who demonstrated the lobbying power towards the government and other stakeholders.

The message of ECOP is clear and could apply to all DECP partners! 

“ECOP is there to ensure that your voice is heard, articulated and acted upon. ECOP promotes social dialogue, enhances engagement with employers and stakeholders. Expounds on its policy position and tackles industrial relation issues. We are there to pave the way for you to become responsible, sustainable and inclusive”.

The DECP staff is excited about the achievements of ECOP in the field of increasing its visibility in such an original way and kindly invites you to have a look at the YouTube version;  NGAYON sa ECOPlus: Amplifying Your Voice EP 1: All About ECOP (FULL EPISODE) - YouTube

Are you interested in increasing your visibility? Contact your DECP country manager. New ideas can be shared.