EFP meets the expectations of members

EFP meets the expectations of members

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At the end of December 2019 the Employers Confederation of Pakistan (EFP) held elections for the appointment of a new Board. The Board will be in place for a period of three years. It was agreed by the Board that the President Majyd Aziz and the Vice President Zaki Ahmed Khan will still hold their offices.

In 2015 the EFP undertook a Membership Survey and it was agreed that a further survey should be carried out in 2019 to establish what progress had been made and also what issues needed to be addressed.

The survey showed that overall the current membership are mainly happy with the services provided by the EFP and also with the role it is playing in respect of advocacy at a national level.

It was agreed that the newly appointed Board would establish a number of committees which will look in detail at the results of the Membership Survey and the overall strategy for the EFP for 2020-2022. The DECP agreed to provide a forum for the results of these discussions to be discussed a special Board meeting to be held in Karachi in April.