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Employers' Federation next step

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A two day mission was undertaken to the Bangladesh Employers’ Federation (BEF) on 15 and 16 October 2017. This mission was a follow up to the fact finding mission undertaken in May 2017 during which initial discussions had taken place on what support could be provided to the BEF if the DECP Business Plan for 2018-22 was agreed.

 Resulting from a meeting with the Secretary General of the BEF it was agreed that the main area for development in 2018 would be that of increasing its membership. It was suggested that a Membership Survey could be undertaken which would highlight the benefits of BEF membership and the potential for new members. It was also proposed that resulting from this survey a membership strategy could be prepared covering a three year period. One key aspect of the strategy would be to bring into membership as many of the three hundred associations in Bangladesh as possible. The DECP also suggested that the publication of a BEF Membership Pack setting out in detail the work of the BEF would be funded by the DECP.

 The mission concluded with the DECP meeting with the Deputy Head of Mission and his staff in Dhaka during which they briefed him on developments with the BEF.