Entrepreneurs work on improving the tourist offer

Entrepreneurs work on improving the tourist offer

Peter Boorsma Country manager View profile

Entrepreneurs from most of the Bolivian regions have joined forces to work on improving the tourist offer. For example, employees of hotels and restaurants will be trained in hospitality and food safety. In addition, the intention is also to professionalize the employees of the tourist attractions and the travel organisations.

Entrepreneurs from the Federaciones de Empresarios Privados from the various regions work together with the vocational training institutes of Infocal. The regional and local authorities are asked to facilitate the process and take the lead in promoting the regions at home and abroad.

The project to improve the tourist offer is part of the Centro de Economia Naranja (CEN), which was founded in December by eight regional federations with the aim of maximizing the potential of the creative sector, tourism and ICT. The intention is to jointly start and coordinate more projects in order to generate more impact.

Bolivia has great potential when it comes to tourism. It is a country with an enormous diversity of landscapes, history, people and culture. Active promotion and improvement of accessibility and the tourist offer should attract more people.



The presidents of almost al regional employers’ federations were present in Cochabamba. Among them Jean Pierre Antelo, president of the Federación de Empresarios Privados de Santa Cruz.