Facilitating Board retreat for employers federation

Facilitating Board retreat for employers federation

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The DECP facilitated a two day Board retreat in Dubai on 23 & 24 January 2017 for the Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP). The objective of the retreat was to review progress that has been made since the previous retreat in September 2015 and to set objectives for the coming two years and beyond.

Elections to the EFP Board had taken place some three weeks before the retreat and the Presidency had changed. A number of new appointments had been made as well which would possibly see a change in the focus of the organisation.

It was noted that progress had been made in communicating with the current membership but attracting new members could be more successful. The delivery of services had been restricted by the lack of staff which needed to be addressed.

It was agreed at the retreat that with the national elections taking place in 2018 it was important that the EFP should have clear objectives on which it wanted the political parties to address on behalf of employers across Pakistan. This would be achieved by the preparation of an “EFP Business Manifesto”.

The retreat also addressed the need to recruit new members from across the country in order to ensure that it was truly representative of employers in Pakistan.