First negotiation training by ATE, FKE and FUE

First negotiation training by ATE, FKE and FUE

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One of DECP’s prime objectives is to try to expand and improve the services that its partner organisations are able to offer their members. With that objective in mind DECP organised a number of training workshops in negotiation skills in 2009 and 2010 for members and staff of the EO’s of Tanzania (ATE), Kenya (FKE), Uganda (FUE) and Rwanda (PSF), the “Training of trainers”. In the spring of 2011 most of the trainers thus trained organised a first training in “Negotiating skills in Labour Relations”, with Dirk Joosse in an advisory capacity.

The results obtained in Dar es Salam, Nairobi and Kampala respectively, were very encouraging with participants rating the workshops quite highly in their evaluations. In all of the three workshops trainers succeeded in presenting the theory in an interactive manner and managed to involve participants in the philosophy of the “win-win negotiating approach”.

A few lessons were also learned: In order to provide for both sufficient role-playing practice as well as the proper balance between theory and practice, this type of training needs at least 3 days.  Also, a maximum of 20 to 24 participants is necessary in order to allow sufficient practice for everyone. Camera handling needs more practice but this is to be expected at such a first session.

Finally, logistics and preparations for the session as well as discipline in organisation and implementation are important.

PSF Rwanda is planning to hold their first negotiation training mid August. Also here, Dirk Joosse will be present as an advisor.