‘Foundation of Labour’ officially established

‘Foundation of Labour’ officially established

Peter Boorsma Country manager View profile

On Tuesday 12 June 2018, the signatures were put in the residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Lima: the Asociación para el Trabajo in Peru is a fact. Chairman Andreas von Wedemeyer of the employers' organization Sociedad Nacional de Industrias (SNI) and Gerónimo López Sevillano, general secretary of CGTP confederation, officially confirmed the start of this new institute.


CGTP has been exploring the possibilities of social dialogue together with the support of the Dutch trade union FNV since 2011. After several visits to the Netherlands, together with SNI and other employers' representatives, it became clear to the Peruvians that in the Netherlands, bipartite consultation is the core of the social dialogue. CGTP and SNI concluded that Peru also needs such consultation, especially because the political situation is very unstable.

 During the process DECP, the international program of VNO-NCW, also connected and a good cooperation has developed between Mondiaal FNV and DECP. From both sides, both employers and trade unions are supported in the development of a culture of dialogue, also at company and sector level.

 In 2016, a delegation of employees and employers did a three weeks’ internship at the Labour Foundation in The Hague, where they could take a look behind the scenes and learn the tricks of the trade. This very intensive internship ultimately had a very concrete effect: the establishment of the 'Asociación para el Trabajo in Peru', something unique for Latin America.