GEA and DECP planning for 2014 - 2017 GEA and DECP planning for 2014 - 2017

GEA and DECP planning for 2014 - 2017

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A two day mission was undertaken by Ronald de Leij and Andrew Moore to the Ghana Employers Association (GEA) in Accra. The main objective of the mission was to meet with the Executive Director of the GEA Alex Frimpong and the President Terence Darko to discuss in detail plans for cooperation between the DECP and the       GEA for the period 2014-17. It was agreed that work would be undertaken on the development of a GEA Business Agenda together with a Strategic Plan. It was also        agreed that the DECP would work with the GEA on developing a Communication Strategy which would increase the visibility of the GEA to its members and the wider community. The development of a Training Strategy was also agreed upon leading to a more effective service to the GEA membership.

Meetings took place with the Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana Hans Docter and with senior staff during which the importance of the private sector was highlighted as a key objective for the Embassy.