Implementing the FUE 2012 workplan Implementing the FUE 2012 workplan

Implementing the FUE 2012 workplan

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The DECP Country Manager for Uganda undertook an advisory mission to the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) in from 9 to 11 January 2012. 

The mission was to pick up on the FUE-staff meeting last November to prepare the FUE workplan for 2012, which meeting was facilitated by the DECP.  Like other missions in 2012 will do, this mission provided first and foremost the opportunity for DECP to look in detail at the actual implementation of this workplan and to assess the help DECP can provide, the main area for development being the reduction of costs and the preparation and execution of a plan for FUE’s sustainability. It also provided the opportunity to discuss and support progress in the preparation of policy documents resulting from the FUE Business Agenda that was launched in the wake of the ProInvest project supported by DECP. This Business Agenda was well received by members and in the Ugandan community, providing focus and opportunity as well as the obligation to follow up.