Monitoring progress made on EPF's Growth Strategy

Monitoring progress made on EPF's Growth Strategy

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

Following on from the EFP Board retreat funded and facilitated by the DECP in Dubai in September 2015 the DECP country manager for Pakistan Andrew Moore undertook a three day mission to the Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP) in Karachi. The main purpose of the mission was to establish progress made on the “EFP Growth Strategy” agreed in Dubai.

Progress had been made in the area of membership with a considerable amount of effort being put into formalising membership information in order to enable better communication. It was agreed during the mission that an “EFP Membership Pack” should be prepared and sent to all members and potential members. It was noted that a number of EFP events had been held in the previous six months which had increased the visibility of the EFP to its membership.

A considerable amount of work had been undertaken to reorganise the EFP offices which had resulted in the creation of a training room which would take up to fifty people.

It was agreed that a follow up Board meeting would be held with the DECP in Karachi in early September 2016 in order to review progress and advise on the EFP Growth Strategy.