Preparing a national policy event on Social Security

Preparing a national policy event on Social Security

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The DECP undertook one of its advisory missions to the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) in Dar es Salaam from 11 – 13 March 2013. The main objective of the mission was to take forward plans for both a national policy event as well as a regional membership event.

Employers in Tanzania have a number of concerns about the current “Social Security” system both with its lack of coherence as well as its poor administration. It was agreed that ATE would hold a workshop in July which would bring together employers and those responsible for policy development to see what steps can be taken to improve the current position. This event would be supported by the DECP.

ATE currently has one regional office based in Arusha in Northern Tanzania. It was agreed during the course of the mission that a membership event should be held with the support of the DECP. This event would bring together not only the current membership but also potential members. It would be an opportunity for ATE to brief its members on current developments and also to recruit new members into the organisation.

The mission also provided the opportunity for the DECP to work with the staff in the membership department on how they could follow up on collecting the outstanding subscriptions for 2013.