ProInvest follow up: Consolidating capacity built

ProInvest follow up: Consolidating capacity built

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It was agreed at the closure of the ProInvest programme in September 2011 that the DECP and the ILO/ITC would follow up in the areas of Advocacy and Communication with the Employers Organisations (EO's) involved in the programme. It was important to ensure that the investment made not only by the EO's themselves but also the ITC/ILO and the DECP was sustained and provided a strong foundation on which the EO's could build.

A workshop was therefore held in Nairobi from 22 – 24 July 2013. This workshop looked in detail at the progress made by each EO and what influence they had had within their own countries on key policy issues. It was clear from the discussions that the process of producing a Business Agenda had proved very useful and had provided each EO with a framework in which they could take forward their research and advocacy agenda's. During the course of the workshop the EO's were familiarised of further research tools which will assist them as they start to prepare a new Business Agenda from 2014 onwards.

In order for the EO's to be effective in their advocacy work at a national level, it was clear that communication, not only with its members but also with key policy makers was essential. The workshop looked in detail at communication strategy's and put forward suggestions for improvement.

The mission concluded with Andrew Moore,  DECP Country Manager for Kenya (a.o) meeting with senior staff at the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) in Nairobi to discuss key policy issues and FKE and DECP cooperation on delivering positive outcomes.  Andrew Moore also assisted in acquainting staff members of the Ghana Employers Association (GEA) who had taken part in the workshop, with FKE operations and FKE staff to take home new ideas and the names of new friends and colleagues.