Refreshment course in December Refreshment course in December

Refreshment course in December

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On 13 and 14 December 2016 The Club of Trainers VCCI/ VWEC  organized  a  refreshment training in Hanoi.

This was the first refreshment training fully facilitated by Vietnamese trainers. Country manager Dirk Joosse was present but his only role was to contribute additional information or deepen the issues at stake. A total of 26 trainers from the North and the South of Vietnam participated, including the new generation of trainers trained earlier in 2016. Very eager and enthusiastically, the trainers exchanged experiences and held small group discussions on marketing, on how to prepare presentations and on other issues of common interest.

It was good to see how a core of first class Vietnamese trainers took the new generation by the hand to teach them  the tips and tricks of the trade, keeping in mind the essence of this relationship building training method. Regrettably, the development of the market still lacks behind in order to guarantee enough work to expand the trainers’ experience and allow them to earn a living.