Santa Cruz’ entrepreneurs fight red tape by publishing Guide of Business Procedures

Santa Cruz’ entrepreneurs fight red tape by publishing Guide of Business Procedures

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December 11, 2019 – Today the Bolivian employers’ organisation Federación de Empresarios Privados de Santa Cruz (FEPSC) presented the Guía de Trámites Empresariales del Departamento de Santa Cruz (Guide of Business Procedures of the Santa Cruz department. The Guía is meant to fight red tape -bureaucracy- and in this way remove barriers to formalization of informal businesses. The project has been supported by DECP.

The FEPSC put into circulation this useful working instrument, in which the basic information is provided to facilitate and simplify the procedures of the entrepreneurs who have to carry out any procedure before a government organism. The Guía is meant to help to fight red tape and ‘small corruption’.

Validated by the relevant organism

Almost all public and private entities linked to the business activities of Santa Cruz provided the necessary information to facilitate procedures like the opening of companies, building or export permits or closure of a business. All information about required documents and maximum periods in which the government has to respond is validated by the relevant organism.

Up till now an entrepreneur in Bolivia does not know what documents are needed to solicit a building permit for example till he gets to the counter after half a day of queuing and the civil servant tells him. This makes the procedures very opaque and creates situations open to the so called ‘small corruption’.  A similar guide was published in the department of Cochabamba.

1,000 copies

The FEPSC published a circulation of 1,000 copies, with basic information from public entities such as National Taxes, National Customs, SENASAC, the Santa Cruz Government, the Municipal Authorities, etc.

Also the main business associations, such as CAINCO, CAO, CADECOCRUZ, CRDA and CFB, have provided the necessary information, which make this Procedures Guide is very useful for new and already operating entrepreneurs.

The Guide includes a DVD with all the printed material, in order to facilitate the search and handling of the information. Both the Procedures Guide and the DVD will be handed for free to entrepreneurs of Santa Cruz.


FEPSC president Luis Barbary presents guide on business procedures during press conference