Serving ATE's members is key Serving ATE's members is key

Serving ATE's members is key

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The DECP made one of its regular advisory missions to the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) in Dar es Salaam. The mission provided the opportunity to continue discussions on the long term sustainability of the organisation. The DECP put forward a number of ideas on how ATE could communicate more effectively with its membership to let them know what the organisation is doing and the benefits to them as members. These suggestions included holding a quarterly Industrial Relations Forum for members to hear about current developments and also for members to let ATE know of any concerns they may have. The DECP also suggested that ATE could hold a half day “Training Taster” which would be free for members to attend and would give them a chance to see what ATE Training is offering. Other suggestions included the re introduction of the ATE Newsletter and a membership event in Dar es Salaam.