Setting the agenda with CAMFEBA

Setting the agenda with CAMFEBA

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

Resulting from the DECP fact finding mission to the Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) in 2015 a follow up mission was undertaken by the country manager Andrew Moore to take forward a number of important issues.

One of the key areas to be addressed during the mission was how the membership in CAMFEBA could be increased both in Phnom Penh and across Cambodia. It was agreed that a review of current and potential membership should be undertaken together with establishing the locations of businesses across the rapid growing economy of Cambodia. This review will be undertaken with financial and technical support from the DECP.

The mission also provided the opportunity to meet with a number of CAMFEBA Board members and to propose a Board retreat in May 2016 which would provide the opportunity to look forward and to establish some key action points on which the Board and the secretariat can work.

The development of the employers’ organisation ACE which had been established to represent the interests of employers with ASEAN was also discussed. The major challenge facing this organisation is obtaining the full commitment of its members and agreeing on a clear direction for the organisation.