Sixth Consultation Conference Labour Relations Network in Ho Chi Minh City

Sixth Consultation Conference Labour Relations Network in Ho Chi Minh City

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Vietnam Chamber of Commerce VCCI: Development of Labour relations still priority in Vietnamese companies!

During this sixth Conference VCCI repeated the priority for Vietnamese businesses to improve Labour Relations, thus meeting international standards and improve productivity.

Mr. Thanh -Vice president of VCCI and General Director of the Ho Chi Minh City branch of VCCI- and Mrs. Lan Anh -Deputy Director of the VCCI  Bureau of Employers Affairs (BEA)- underlined these priorities in the VCCI policy before an audience of all stakeholders in the field. All intended representatives of this Conference participated: VCCI/VWEC, Vietnamese trainers (trained by DECP), MOLISA/DOLISA (Ministry of Social Affairs), Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (Trade Union) and the Ton Duc Tang University. Also several large companies were represented.

Speakers from DOLISA (local government) and Industrial Zones expressed that they have experienced improvement of labour relations which resulted in a decrease of the number of strikes. Mrs. Lan Anh explained more about the objectives coming year to implement the necessary changes mentioned above. DECP will support this policy and VCCI/VWEC trainers will be involved in the implementation programme.

In spite of the need for expertise in this field the availability of tools is still underdeveloped regarding paid training efforts and consultancy. VCCI and DECP are working on improvement.