Social dialogue. A matter for all of us.

Social dialogue. A matter for all of us.

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

DECP is not the only organisation that makes an effort to reinforce employers' organisations. Similar organisations such as NHO Norway, DI Denmark and NIR Sweden invest money and knowledge in employers’ organisations in emerging countries. Because they are convinced that employers' organisations are the engine for a strong private sector and economic growth. DECP regularly consults with them. To ensure that forces are combined as much as possible. To coordinate agendas and learn from each other. A meeting was held on Friday 12 November. Online of course.

The representatives of NHO, DI and NIR indicated that they were happy that it was possible again in recent months to travel without too many problems and restrictions. This made it possible to visit Uganda, Tunisia, Tanzania, Colombia and the RDC, among others. The topics that are being worked on with the partners are diverse. From social dialogue and anti-corruption to energy transition and youth employment. Nevertheless, it is paramount that national, regional and sectoral cooperation between employers, employees and government institutions is the key to initiating sustainable developments.

In addition to the organisations mentioned, the ILO and the ITCILO, the international training centre of the ILO, are also members of this consultation. The ILO has an overview of global developments and notes that employers' organisations have generally shown a lot of resilience during the pandemic. The main question now is; how can we become stronger in the new reality when the impact of covid on society is reduced? One of the answers certainly lies in the further implementation of digitization and working with data.

ITCILO has also shown that it can quickly switch to an online workspace. Up to 2020, about 1,000 students visited the Turin campus to follow training courses. ITCILO switched completely to online training. Already in the corona year, the number of participants increased to 1,600, with female participants in the majority for the first time in history. Certainly, working exclusively remotely has drawbacks. The optimal form of training and collaboration is hidden in the hybrid approach; partly online and partly face-to-face.


One of the conclusions of this exciting meeting was that a strong and sustainable social dialogue is the basis for developments that benefit employers and employees. Growing companies with respect for people and nature. More jobs to earn a decent living. It is not without reason that DECP is making efforts to further develop the social dialogue together with its partners and trade unions. After all, we all benefit from that. The representative of the ILO has proposed to discuss this theme together in January in order to be able to take full advantage of each other's experiences, insights and new ideas.

New visits to different countries are planned. Let's hope the pandemic won't be a bummer again.