Studying in The Netherlands

Studying in The Netherlands

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

A team of master students of the Maastricht University has conducted research for DECP with regards to the experiences of students from emerging countries who studied in The Netherlands. How do they experience studying in The Netherlands? What are the main differences between Dutch universities and universities in their home country? Do alumni benefit from studying in The Netherlands when it comes to contributing to economic growth in their country of origin?

These questions and more were answered by interviewing students who currently study in The Netherlands and by sending out a survey among alumni. The report will be available shortly and an easy access article will be written by the researchers to summarize the findings. The follow-up steps will be discussed by DECP exerts answering the question how DECP and partners can use the outcomes to upscale perceived and proven advantages in the home-countries themselves.

The Dutch alumni network association Nuffic was involved in the research process. The research results will be shared with them and other likeminded organisations. The student team is invited to present the results to the DECP country managers and management.

For now, the DECP team wishes the students of the Maastricht University good luck in finishing their masters degree.