Successful completion of bipartite training-of-trainers

Successful completion of bipartite training-of-trainers

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18 trainers certified after third training-of-trainers: 9 representatives Apindo (employers’ organisation) and 9 representatives KSBSI (trade union). Trainers are ready for dissemination of Social Dialogue (SD) throughout Indonesia.

DECP and CNV Internationaal together support a social dialogue (SD) project in Indonesia. After 5 successful regional workshops, where the necessity of development of a social dialogue between Apindo (Employers) and KSBSI (trade union) was confirmed by local representatives of the two parties, the next phase was initiated by starting a training-of trainers to help facilitate social dialogue meetings all over Indonesia in all regions. After the successful first two training-of-trainers sessions, a third took place in July 2019 in Jakarta. Enthusiastic and capable Indonesian trainers from as well  Apindo as KSBSI showed their knowledge, awareness, skills, behaviour and attitude to facilitate future social dialogue meetings between Apindo members and KSBSI representatives in the various regions of Indonesia. The Dutch Trainers were very satisfied to notice that the Dutch input from as well DECP as CNV-Internationaal (books and training) were used and transferred in an effective way to the Indonesian regional and local situation by the Indonesian trainers. The DECP–CNV Internationaal combination started with 20 candidate trainers last November. 18 were certified after this third training-of-trainers, 9 trainers of each organisation.

During the coming month, the Indonesian trainers (bi-partite) have the assignment to plan and facilitate try-out workshops with the delegations of various parties in their own region. Later this year, the results of these workshops will be evaluated in a follow-up training where the knowledge, awareness, skills, behaviour and attitude for this kind of facilitation will be enhanced. This follow-up training will be supported by DECP and CNV-Internationaal. Facilitators of this training will be the Dutch trainers of DECP and CNV-Internationaal who took care of the training-of-trainers as well as the regional workshops mentioned before.

As a next step the Indonesian trainers will be able to start facilitating Social Dialogue implementation all over Indonesia in a bi-partite setting! Ultimately, DECP and CNV- Internationaal want to achieve that Apindo and KSBSI are able to implement Social Dialogue in Indonesia with a pool of trainers to train and advise members of both sides to conduct successful Social Dialogue/ Collective Labour Agreement negotiations in all regions in Indonesia. In the end this pool of trainers will be self-supporting and able to renew the trainer staff at the highest level of quality. 


Employers and employees work and learn hand in hand

DECP and CNV Internationaal cooperate together and with Apindo and KSBSI