The Business Agenda 2016-2018 The Business Agenda 2016-2018

The Business Agenda 2016-2018

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The DECP undertook an Advisory mission to the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) in Kampala from 20 -22 July 2015.

The mission provided the opportunity to discuss the development of the “FUE Business Agenda 2016 -2018” which is due to be launched in October 2015. It was agreed that as Uganda was facing national elections in February 2016 the FUE should consider the preparation of an “FUE Manifesto” which would set out what FUE members wanted from the incoming Government.

Discussions took place during the mission on the possibility of holding a workshop in Kampala for the Chairmen of the FUE District and Regional Committees together with staff to establish how the regions could become more sustainable.