The EAEO's Executive Committee meets in Kigali on January 28th 2013

The EAEO's Executive Committee meets in Kigali on January 28th 2013

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The Executive Committee of the East African Employers Organisation (EAEO) held a meeting in Kigali on Monday 28 January 2013. The meeting was Chaired by      Jacqueline Mugo the current Chair of the EAEO and Executive Director of the Federation of Kenya Employers FKE.

The meeting discussed the developments which had taken place since the launch of the EAEO in Arusha in April 2012. Members expressed concern that they had expected more to have been achieved during the last eight months. In agreeing the EAEO 2013  Work Plan members insisted that the coordinator takes a more proactive approach and clearly establishes the EAEO as the voice of employers at an East African Community   (EAC) level.

One of the main items for discussion at the meeting was the results of research which had been undertaken on behalf of the EAEO looking into the implementation of        the EAC Common Market Protocol and the impact it was having on employers. Resulting from this research the meeting agreed to concentrate EAEO resources in         2013 on key issues such as work permits and also on the categories of employees permitted to enter EAC member countries.

The mission also provide the DECP with the opportunity to brief the staff of The Netherlands Embassy in Kigali on EAEO developments as well as developments         within the Private Sector Federation of Rwanda.