The Federation of Uganda Employers' key issues for 2013

The Federation of Uganda Employers' key issues for 2013

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The DECP undertook one of its regular advisory missions to the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) in Kampala from 20 – 23 January 2013.

The mission provided the opportunity to start work on a number of key issues which had been identified as areas for development during 2013.

The FUE is currently making plans to hold a major policy event in May 2013 on the issue of a “Training Levy” and how it can be implemented effectively in Uganda. This event will play a key role in the input of the FUE into the recently formed Skills Task Force which has been established to advise the Ugandan Government on how it should proceed in developing skills across the country.

 The development of the FUE regional network had been identified as a key priority for 2013 and work was undertaken during the mission to set out a possible   programme of  membership events to be held in the regions.

  The new FUE offices on the outskirts of Kampala are nearing completion and the staff are expecting to move to these offices at the end of March.