The Trainers are training The Trainers are training

The Trainers are training

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On Febr. 14-15  2012,  a special meeting took place in Arusha, Tanzania, of newly trained trainers of the employers’ organisations FKE, ATE, FUE and PSF from resp. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The objective was twofold: firstly, to support the trainers in deepening their skills and expertise in the field of negotiation training, thus contributing to developing constructive labour relations in East Africa. Secondly, to exchange experiences so as to enhance their effectiveness with a view to expanding their activities in this field.

The training sessions were conducted by Dirk Joosse and Jan de Kramer from AWVN and were well evaluated and appreciated by the participants. The various employers’ organisations highly value this new activity for their members and would very much like to increase the number of trainers in their organisation.