Togo   Team building for performance improvement

Togo Team building for performance improvement

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

The Togolese employers’ organisation CNP-Togo (Conseil National du Patronat du Togo) consists of approximately 16 staff members. They are all educated professionals, but most of them only joined CNP-Togo just a few years ago. Therefor, Mr. Tamégnon and Mr. Tété Benissan -president and executive director of the employers’ organisation- decided to organise a teambuilding training. This is one of the fields of expertise which DECP offers as part of capacity building to her partner organisations.

A DECP expert prepared a two days custom made training in cooperation with the HR-manager of CNP-Togo. Emphasize was on the definition of what a team is. If a group of people share the same objectives, have complementary skills which they are aware of and if they apply the right interpersonal skills in teamwork, a start is made. That is why the members of the team worked together to identify not only the objectives of CNP-Togo, but to discover known and unexpected competencies of each other as well. A balance between theory and practical exercises connected the current level of team performance to a next level of performance improvement directly related to the objectives and activities of CNP-Togo.

The management of CNP-Togo had invited several members who represent economic branches to attend the training sessions. They were asked to explain their reasons to be satisfied about the level of services of CNP-Togo and what issues can be improved. Staff members immediately started to work out a plan for improvement.

This two days training was just the start. Next meeting, which will be organised in September, will have as a result concrete personal development plans, related to performance improvement of the employers’ organisation as a team, including leadership of change.