Visit to FUE's regional branch in Uganda Visit to FUE's regional branch in Uganda

Visit to FUE's regional branch in Uganda

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From March 30 til April 3rd, DECP country manager Andrew Moore visited the FUE in Uganda. Main purpose of his visit was to familiarise himself with the work of the FUE in their 3 regional branches.  
Together with FUE's Executive Director Ms. Rosemary Ssenabulya and Chairman Mr. Aloysius Ssemanda, one of these branches was visited (the Western one), based some 500 kilometres from the capital of Kampala. Discussions were held with the Chairman of the district, Mr. Andrew Lumbuye, and with some 15 member organisations, especially regarding matters on how to improve the communication with the Kampala office and increase the visibility of the regional office.  
Back in Kampala, Andrew Moore attended FUE's Annual General Meeting. The staff from all three regions also attended the AGM so all parties concerned took the opportunity to sit down for a few hours to discuss how best FUE Kampala can help them. A number of ideas were discussed. The main outcome was the development of a FUE membership pack which would be carried out in each regional office. The pack will include a.o.:  
Letter of introduction from the Executive Director, List of FUE staff and functions, List of FUE Executive Board, FUE Regional structure, FUE Policy issues, programmes, training courses and services, Information on Employer of the Year Award, Details of subscription   
It was agreed the Director with responsibility for membership will develop this within the next two months.  
All parties agreed that this was a useful meeting.