Vocational training and the FUE

Vocational training and the FUE

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The DECP country manager for Uganda undertook one of his regular advisory missions in April 2012.

The mission provided the opportunity to discuss developments on the policy papers being prepared by FUE resulting from their published Business Agenda. The main issue being developed at the current time was on the issue of Skills and the poor level of Vocational Training being offered in Uganda. The Executive Director of the FUE had been asked to be Vice Chairman of an interim Task Force on Vocational Training which was being established in preparation of a full Task Force to be formed in June 2012. The DECP discussed with the Head of Research a number of issues which could be included in the work of the Task Force .

Meetings also took place with the Head of Training during which concern was    expressed about the limited take up of training courses which had taken place during the course of the first quarter of 2012.

The mission concluded with the DECP travelling to the Western Region of Uganda to meet with the FUE Regional Chairman. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss communication between the regions and the FUE head office in Kampala. It was also an opportunity to discuss concerns about the levels of Vocational Training within the region and possible actions which could be taken by the FUE through the work of the proposed task Force.