Working towards financial sustainability

Working towards financial sustainability

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The DECP Country Manager for Uganda Andrew Moore, undertook a three day mission to the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) in Kampala in May 2014.

The mission had two main objectives. The first objective being to establish the progress being made by the FUE Board and the secretariat to address a number of the financial challenges facing the FUE. It was pleasing to note that a considerable amount of progress had been made which had been helped by the successful running of the FUE Employer of the Year (EYA) in early May. Not only had the EYA provided a high profile event for its membership it had also be a financial success as well. Together with greater financial controls on spending the FUE appears to be moving towards greater financial sustainability.

The mission also provided the opportunity to make progress on a number of issues included in the DECP-FUE plans for 2014. These included the development of a new “FUE Business Agenda” as well as the proposed publication of an “FUE Membership Pack”.

It was agreed that the FUE Board would hold a retreat in late July to build on the work they had achieved since the last retreat in October 2013. The DECP would provide both technical as well as financial support to the Board for this event.